Maps and Globes

One of my favorite authors is Jeff Goins. I was recently on his blog when I came across this section in one of his posts and I have been continually thinking about it since then.

“Maps are easy. They’re flat and predictable, easy to use to chart out a course. Maps are about points: starting points and destination points.

But maps are also unrealistic. Because the world isn’t flat; it’s not color-coded and foldable. The world is complex, which is why a globe is a better picture of how we navigate through life.
A globe spins. Really nice globes are topographical, raised in areas where there are mountains. Globes are not the easiest tools in the world to use, but they’re a good picture of our lives. 

You use a map to travel from state to state, but you use a globe to travel the world. Which would you rather use for your life?”

-Jeff Goins (go check him out at )

Just a thought….


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