Thoughts From a Layover

Have you ever fell in love with a city or a country?


For me, it happens all the time. Whether I’ve been to a certain city or just stared at endless pictures online, I have a tendency to become obsessed with a place on a map.


Sydney,Australia is my number one. It always has been and I know that it will forever hold my heart.


Then of course I’ve had my phases with New York, Paris, LA, Tuscany, Barcelona, London, (just to name a few) and now it’s Nashville.


I just spent the last 3 days there and I’m afraid I already want to go back. I haven’t even made it all the way home to Las Vegas and all I can think about is how I can find a way back quickly.


The whole time there, it just felt like home. I felt comfortable in the city and felt like I knew where I was going (even though I had hardly spent any time in Nashville at all).


Yes, of course, I do love country music but there’s so much more to the city than that. There’s a sense of community and of artistic freedom. There’s heart and soul within the city. People genuinely care about their city and cherish the history that it holds.


As I went into each locally owned business,  you could see that people were pursuing the dreams within their heart and they were actually successful. They weren’t stuck in their everyday office grind but they were content in either making a cup of coffee or selling their art in a street festival. I’m slightly envious of them but I know that it’s all up to me to make things happen.


I just love it there. It’s my kind of city.


I know that this post is a bit on the random side as there are quite a few different thoughts going through my head at the moment, I just had to start writing it out. But they’re about to start boarding…so I should probably go.


All I know is that my heart is now in Nashville.


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