Oh Hey!


Yep. That’s pretty much where I am at.

I FINALLY made it to Nashville!!! After months of preparing and driving about 26 hours, I am officially here in Nashville. I am living in the one city in the US that I would want to be in. I absolutely love this city. I even love the culture shock of living in the South after living in the West Coast for so long. People are genuinely nice and it kind of freaks me out. I don’t know how to deal with it, haha.

But on to more important things.

I have decided to defer starting school until the fall. I had been thinking about for the last couple of weeks but after I had a bit of a melt down on Sunday, I made the decision to put school on hold for just a few more months. It was just a bit too stressful financially after just moving across the country. And there was just something that I was not 100% at peace with. For me, having peace of mind/heart is very important. 0f5140b92c86e9330ec772eb8fa25db5

So, now I am taking time to just be me. To settle into my new city, to enjoy life, find a decent job and enjoy what will soon be my 25th year of life. I feel as if I have just been on a massive run for the past couple of years without actually taking time to breathe and live life. I have tried to rush things for so long that now, before anything too serious happens in my life, I want to enjoy my freedom and be present in this moment.

I am learning how to be content in this moment. I am quite the dreamer, so I get caught up in my goals and plans for whats ahead that I tend to miss out on what is happening in the here and now. I also compare my journey to those around me. I see a bunch of my friends either getting married, having babies or beginning their careers and for a brief moment I felt as if I had missed something. I felt as if I was slacking and inadequate. Yet, truth is, my journey has never been the “status quo”. I’ve moved so much in my life and I’ve had to deal with some rough times early on in life that I grew up a bit faster than friends my age. I’ve always been one to do my thing even if it went against what is expected of me. I just can’t do normal. It kills me. I need space, I need freedom, I need adventure. And I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and that at the end of the day it all comes together in some crazy way.


Every moment of my life (and yours) has been planned out and even though we may not understand everything that we have gone through, it’s all for the best. So, how all this will work out? I have not a clue. What will happen next? Who knows. That’s not for me to worry about. What I do have is this very moment right now, and I have resolved to make the best of it.

I have a couple of things that I am now working on and a few thing in mind, so we’ll just see what happens with all of that.

Here’s to having an unforgettable year and learning how to be in the present.


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