it’s been a minute

yes, I realize that it has been a while since I posted anything. i could come up with all kinds of excuses but rather i have attempted in posting what i have been writing, yet i felt as if i had fallen short and that it was not worth putting on here. just saying.

but here we go….one more time…

i was sitting at the park the other day and wrote down some thoughts that i thought i would share:

in less that a month i will be turning 25. the age that i had feared and dreaded for so long.


half way through my twenties

about a year ago, i was terrified with the idea of turning 25. i felt as if i had accomplished nothing with my life and yet, i couldnt be more wrong. yes, of course, this is not at all where i expected to be at 25 but sometimes my expectations can be unrealistic and crazy.

i fully thought i would have my degree by now, working at my dream job and traveling the world habitually.

yet, that is not the case. my twenties began in las vegas then took me to australia for a year then back to vegas and now nashville.  a year ago, i really had no idea that i would be living in nashville. i really never even considered living here before yet, here i am


single and free. free to come and go as i please. free to do what i want. free to be


so now, i await the second half of my twenties. whats ahead? where will i go? what will i do? all matters of inquiry rather than desperation.

for now, i am here.

now i can say that i am excited and expectant of whats to come. im no longer fearful of turning 25. i have a hopeful expectation of whats ahead.

cheers to 25



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