25 for 25


As I was skimming through Pintrest the other day, I came across someone’s “bucket list” that they had made for their Golden Birthday. It inspired me to actually put some thought into what i want to accomplish with my 25th year of life. Of course, it’s is not limited to just the 25 things on this list and I am well aware that i may not be able to do some of these but hey, it’s worth a shot.

I am trying to live more intentionally and be more present in the current moment but the dreamer in me must also be able to run wild. I believe this will help me be a little more focused with my time and resources so that I am able to fully live out every beautiful moment that lies ahead.


So here we go…25 for 25….

  1. Calm down and drink sweet tea
  2. Figure out & verbalize what my “dreams” are and begin to pursue them
  3. Start on degree
  4. Paris
  5. Make time to paint more/make things and express my creativity
  6. Blog more often and truly invest time into developing it more
  7. Join a gym
  8. Discover East of the Mississippi: the Carolinas, Georgia and NYC around Christmas time
  9. Be not so concerned with others opinions
  10. Purchase quality items-not just buy stuff because it’s cheap or on sale
  11. Expand Library
  12. Cook more at home
  13. Eat cleaner
  14. Learn a new skill i.e. take jewlery making class or how to crochet or change a flat tire (yes, I don’t really know how to do this)
  15. Explore photography
  16. Be more social and not so shy
  17. Grow more as a person in my identity and confidence
  18. Find a better job
  19. Be more generous, not only with my money but also my time
  20. Begin learning a new language
  21. Read more
  22. Go skydiving
  23. Finally get a tattoo
  24. Pay off credit cards
  25. Become financially stable

Some of them, I feel like I still need to clarify and expand as to what this will actually look life in everyday life but this will do for now.

So a year from now let’s see what has been done and where life has led us all.

And now it is finally here….25…let’s do this.


YOLO…SUCKAS…YOLO…(i apologize for this, i just had a moment)


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