It’s Okay



lets be honest for a moment, ive been having difficulty with what to post next. ive had so many different thoughts running through my head, you should see all of the pages i have open on my computer with all kinds of random thoughts. then theres all kinds of post its, notes and random pieces of paper all through my purse and on my desk. its been quite a month. ive also felt like anything that i have written is just not good enough but, really, who freakin cares?!? theres people posting all kinds of stupid crap online, so why not just join in

so with this, i feel like, sometimes you just need someone to tell you that its okay and that everything will be alright. i am a fan of writing letters and sending cards. call me an old lady or whatever but i love cards! im trying to bring back the art of letter writing, texts are cool and all but i love the feeling of coming home and seeing a card waiting for you in the mailbox. its like a little treasure in the midst of a sea of mailers and crap you just throw away.

so heres my letter to you wandering twenty-somethings, who may just need a bit of a hug and little encouragement to keep doing what you do….

your 20s

sometimes you feel that you are all alone in this journey

you look around and it feels like your friends have it all figured out

it appears as though they have all their shit together and are living some glorious “adult” life

and then theres you, trying to figure out what youre supposed to do

feeling like you may have missed something in life struggling to pay your billls and feeling like youre in way over your head.

when youre in several bridal showers and buying baby shower gifts for all your other friends

and then you, yourself cant even get someone to go on a freakin date with you

you have many “what the hell” moments

you think you figure out what you want to do but then the next day you want to do something completely different with your life

and in the midst of the chaos

you feel as if youre the only one going through it all

yet, ive come to find, that could not be further from the truth

over the past few weeks ive overheard conversations and spoken with a few people and

i keep noticing that they too, are in this hot mess of their 20s and they have no idea

what their doing with their lives

theres that unspoken pressure to have your shit together by your mid-twenties, get married and pop out some babies and yet they are far from that

as am i

but, let me ease your mind and let you know, its okay not to have it all together

its okay to explore and try out different things

its okay to not have that full time job

its okay to not have the biggest paychecks

its okay some people will go straight into their careers and start families.

thats cool

but then there are some of us that will have a life completely different

its okay sometimes you just need to hear that its okay that where you are in life is where you need to be at this moment

and that somehow, someway, it will all work out for the best

all in its own crazy way

if you dont do the crazy stuff now, then when will you

if you dont but that one way ticket to a foreign land now, then will you do it later in life

if you dont pack up your car and move to the other side of the country now that you are

free to do so, then when will you


enjoy being free

roam about without a plan

give yourself the permission to let what happens happen

let yourself be free

enjoy this

because one day

youll miss it






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