I, being an avid instagramer, occasionally will participate in the #throwbackthursdays, #mancrushmonday or the always faithful #flashbackfriday but then I came across #WanderlustWednesday. Instantly I was hooked. Anything that has to do with inspiring travel makes my heart happy.

Last week I posted a picture from Charleston, SC. As I was looking for the “right picture” to post I started to read about the city and I thought of why not making it an actual blog post. I must confess, I am a nerd and I love learning about the history and cultures of different towns/states/countries, etc. So this is my attempt at doing something more consistent with this blog and hopefully inspiring others to get out there and explore this amazing planet that we live on.

Now on to my first pick, Oaxaca, Mexico. (It’s pronounced wah-ha-kah. My 8th grade Spanish teacher pronounced it Oh-ah-chaka. It drove me absolutely insane and you best believe I rose my had and corrected her every time…but that’s beside the point.)


For those that may not know, my mother is originally from Mexico. As a little girl, I grew up going to Mexico all the time. All of her family use to live down there, so for any holiday, off to abuela’s we would go. They lived in Mexicali, which is on the border in between California and Arizona. Border towns are not the greatest places to visit. Unfortunately most of them have become run down and full of drama with all that’s going on between our borders. I haven’t traveled throughout Mexico as I would like to. I would love to know more about the other half of heritage. Each part has its own traditions and food.

What I would do to do a culinary trip all throughout Mexico and being the wannabe foodie that I am, I am a big fan of chef Rick Bayless. Here’s this white guy from Chicago who speaks better Spanish and knows more about the culture than I do. On Saturday’s he has a show on PBS where he cooks recipes from his travels around mexico or items out of his menus from his various restaurants. He shows scenes from mexico and his encounters with locals. He goes into the history and stories of various locations and local plates. He has been in Oaxaca several times on the show and every time I see it, I just want to get on a plane and fly straight there.


It’s because of him that I have added Oaxaca to my list of places I must go to. Oaxaca is filled with its colorful culture, unique foods and stunning architecture. The landscape ranges from its beautiful white sand beaches to vast mountains. The ruins of the Zapotec still remain of times past. The gold encrusted ornate churches loom in the skyline. The markets filled with multitudes of goods from food to chocolate to the locally made home goods. The moles and the mezcal that are so famous from the area. Each sharing the differences and the beauty that make up the land. It’s a place for foodies and those who truly enjoy the beauty of different cultures. For more details and information, check out http://travel.cnn.com/6-reasons-visit-oaxaca-954911







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