#WanderlustWednesday: Norway

For this weeks #wanderlustwednesday lets talk about a country that not too many people are familiar with.


I never really thought about going to Norway until I met some Norwegians whilst I was living in Australia. A couple of them became dear friends of mine and I cannot wait to go visit. I just want to jump through Instagram and join them in their everyday life.

Norway (from what I’ve seen in pictures) is an absolutely beautiful country. It lies in Northern Europe next to the Atlantic Ocean and the North sea. It shares a border with Sweden. Norway is approximately a bit bigger than the size of New Mexico. It has 64,000 miles of coastline and 240,000 islands.  It’s not a very large country but it’s natural beauty, interesting cities and incredible people make up for anything that it may lack. It’s one place that you could explore for years and really not get bored.

So lets just take a bit of a look and maybe you’ll join me one day in exploring Norway.



I mean, how could you not want to go here?


This is Oslo, even with their capital, it’s still surrounded by gorgeous trees and mountains. Yes, please.



Standing on these would make for a pretty badass profile pic…just sayin…


Then there’s the midnight sun in part of summer where the sun does not set


but of course the Northern Lights are something that I must see with my own eyes


or how about chasing some wild reindeer


yet I’d be totally okay with going through Geirangerfjord


or wandering about Aalesund.


This is beauty at it’s best. So who’s in to go wander about Norway?

Oh, and of course we can’t forget about this Norwegian gem…



4 thoughts on “#WanderlustWednesday: Norway”

  1. Ahhhh you always make me wanna go places that I never thought I would ever want to go. I must go see this Geirangerfjord, it’s beautiful!


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