#WanderlustWednesday: Almalfi Coast

When most people think of Italy they mainly think of Rome or Venice or for the fashion savvy, Milan.

All of which I would love to visit but one of my top places to visit in Italy is the Almalfi Coast. Although, I’ve heard it is a bit “touristy” the views and the seafood are enough to pull me in.

The Almalfi Coast stretches about 50 km along the southern part of the  Sorrentine Peninsula. Some of it most well known cities are Positano, Almalfi and Ravello. Theses cities hang within the cliffs boarding the Mediterranean Sea. This area is well known for its lemon and olive groves that grow along side the mountains. Of course with the sea being so close in proximity, they have some incredible seafood. Anywhere where you have fresh lemons and seafood in one place, you can consider me in! I put lemon on just about everything and then you add some fish or calamari..I’m in heaven .

Then with the beautiful beaches and colorful houses…it’s like a piece of what I would consider heaven to look like.

It’s also where I would totally get married at. You have to understand, I am not one to sit on Pinterest and pin things to some “wedding” board. I honestly dont have one. For me, getting married is so far off in the future that I just can’t be bothered to think about it yet. I also work in a part of the wedding industry and from what I have seen, weddings are so complicated and over the top that I just can’t be bothered to want to have to stress over all that nonsense.

I don’t want a “traditional” wedding ceremony with the white gown, the church ceremony or the reception b.s. I want to just have a big ol’ party and actually enjoy that day. So I have said for years that I would just get married in Italy on the Almalfi coast. Whoever would want to come can join but I am not going to waste my money and time on people who i hardly know. But I digress…for me, this is one area that I continually dream about and hopefully one day soon I will be able to stand on the beach and smell the sweet salty Mediterranean Sea mixed with the lemon groves and Instagram the hell out of the breathtaking views.

Enough with the talk…let’s just take a moment and daydream about being there instead of being stuck at work…


Who wouldn't want to be here?
Who wouldn’t want to be here?









 Hopefully, one day soon, I’ll be able to post pictures that I have taken myself, but for now, these will do.


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