Thoughts from Library Wanderings


On Saturday I finally went to the Nashville Library in downtown Nashville. It’s basically the main library in Nashville. It’s a beautiful building with three floors including an art gallery, a courtyard in the middle, a cafe and several meeting halls.

I was just wandering around the isles and isles of books. So many books that I have never even heard of yet even began to read. I felt like Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’. I was in filled with awe and wonder.

Whenever I go to any library, I always need to find the travel and the food section. Two of my passions. In the midst of the cooking section, surrounded by all kinds of cook books, I started dreaming of my own cookbook collection and  how one day I would love to fill an entire wall full of cookbooks in the middle of my own personal library.

I am quite the fan of public libraries. Although I do enjoy having a Kindle and the convenience of having books in one place that I can pull up with just a swipe of a finger, there is nothing quite like holding a physical book, hearing the sound of each page as it turns and being able to make notes of things that catch your attention. Maybe its just the old lady in me that enjoys sending letters in the mail and carrying around an actual book.

In the midst of wandering around the library I couldn’t help but thinking of all the adventures, knowledge and possibilities that these books hold. It’s a wide open field and anything can happen. Thus the dreamer within me was stirred.

You see, sometimes I want to be a chef.

At other times, I want to be a writer

Then I want to be a stylist

In the next moment, I want to be a photographer

An explorer

A blogger

An adventurer

Occasionally I dream of being famous

I love the outdoors

But I also love big cities and getting all fancied up

I’ve got a gypsy soul

I roam about here and there

I want to be everything at one time


It’s my dilemma in life. I can’t stay in one role for too long. I get bored and then I feel as if I am dying within. I’ve never been able to just pick one thing to do in life. Even as a small child I wanted to be a ballerina and an artist at the same time. I just want it all.

This life I lead, it’s an interesting and unconventional one, to say the least.

Maybe one day I’ll figure it all out…or quite possibly… I won’t….

Who even knows? If you know some secret to getting it all figured out, please feel free to share.

Yet, this is where I am. It’s not all that glamorous and I don’t have much, but I have enough, and for now,  all is well.





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