#WanderlustWednesday: Edinburgh

This week let’s venture over to the UK.

One place that I would love to wander about is Scotland. With its beautiful highlands and gorgeous men, I mean, why wouldn’t you want to get lost there (insert winking emoji). ANNNNDDD, let’s not forget, Scotland’s national animal…the ever majestic Unicorn! Yes, its true and yes, I love it! (It’s part of an ongoing joke with a few of my friends, dont ask me how it came about or why, but I slightly love unicorns now.)

But on to more serious things, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh is known for it’s history, architecture, arts, culture, food and geography.  It is said that the city is more of an experience than just a destination. From museums and galleries to unique boutiques and chic coffee shops, Edinburgh has a bit for everyone.

Edinburgh is host of many festivals that are world renown. It’s Edinburgh International Festival is one of the worlds largest art and dance festivals that draws thousands each year. The also host the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and International Book Fest.

The city is rich in literary tradition. From Sir Walter Scott to Robert Louis Stevenson to J.K. Rowling, all have had some sort of start or impact from Edinburgh. For my Harry Potter fans, J.K. Rowling began the first book in a coffee shop in Edinburgh. I read somewhere that it was cheaper for her to go to that coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee than to pay for the heat bill in her apartment whilst beginning to write her ever popular book series. You can still visit that same coffee shop, The Elephant House.

Of course, you cannot miss all of the history that fills the city being surrounded by the Edinburgh Castle, St Giles Cathedral and all of its beautiful architecture that has been around for hundreds of years. Also, get out of town and go do a tour of the highlands all around Scotland. Go breathe in the fresh Sottish air and take in all it’s natural sights. It’s on my list for sure.

My absolute favorite beer is based in Edinburgh, Innis & Gunn. The beer was originally used as a way to flavor the barrels used for a whiskey distiller. It was supposed to be thrown out after is flavored the barrel but the brewers discovered that the aging worked well with the beer thus, Innis & Gunn began. The Rum Finish is my favorite of the varieties. I made Sticky Toffee Pudding with it last year for Christmas and it was UHHH-MAAZZEEE-ING! Do yourself a favor and go try some. Of course, if you like whiskey you’ll have to check all the distillers in Scotland.

And, I mean, Edinburgh is also the birthplace of Sean Connery…so..now you have to go, haha. Seriously though, just go and explore and see what you find on your way.

”Edinburgh is an experience / A city of enormous gifts / Whose streets sing of history / Whose cobbles tell tales.”



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