Backyard Musings



Light bugs are my favorite.

You can just be sitting there, and all of a sudden a little flash of light sparks up and then flies away.

I was sitting on our back porch this evening, reading a book as the sun started to set. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was in the upper 80’s and not too much humidity in the air. The sky began to change from a bright blue to pinks and oranges as the daylight began to fade. The crickets and cicadas began to sing their songs. A couple of rabbits ran across the yard as the light bugs began their evening ascent.

It may be the best part of the day for me. I am sure sunrises are great but being that I am no morning person, I do prefer sunsets. People coming home from work and making dinner. The chaos of the day begins to simmer down, and even if its just for a few moments, all is well.

I must admit, that I was quite distracted from my book whilst watching the fireflies/light bugs/lightening bugs, whichever you may prefer to call them. They remind me of my childhood. Of those summer days in which we would run like hooligans around the neighborhood. In times much more simple. Seeing those little light bugs makes the child within me want to run barefoot through the yard and see how many I can catch and put in a jar. Have you ever made a makeshift lantern with light bugs? It was my joy in the summer.

A couple of weeks ago, i was driving home late at night. I almost ran my car into the ditch with how excited I was at seeing a light bug for the first time in about 8 years. I had forgotten about those beautiful little creatures. 7 years living in the desert, and one in Australia (I don’t think they have light bugs or maybe I just didn’t pay attention when i was there), can truly make you appreciate the smaller things in life. I still find myself fascinated with how green everything is. I love seeing the wildflowers that grow in the side of the road. I love hearing all the bugs at night. I love seeing the June bugs fly around the lights.

I find myself so distracted by my computer and phone. The battery on my phone was dying so I left my phone inside charging. I found myself wanting to get it so i can instagram this or tweet about that. Yet, A: no one really cares and B: Instagram can’t capture moments like that, I just needed to be right there in that moment.

And yet, in moments like tonight, it’s nice to be able to sit outside, without distraction, and just be. Just notice the way the wind blows the trees or watch the ants as they make their way across the porch. To notice, that those birds that are making their way back into the trees have everything they need. They dont have to stress and strive and yet their taken care of. That no matter what may happen, that it’ll be okay. Someway, somehow, it’ll all be alright.

Light bugs are my favorite.


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