#WanderlustWednesday: Vietnam

If I could, I would travel eating my way around the globe. I know that many people have done so but that would be my absolute dream.
Food has a strong connection with a country and its culture. It can define the way a person lives and how they carry themselves.
As you may know by now, I am a foodie in the making. I love most foods. I pretty much abhor peas in every form and I am not a fan of papaya, but besides that, I’m down to try anything. There’s no use in casting something aside if you’ve never even given it a chance.

All of that to say, I would love to go to Vietnam.

I was recently reading ‘A Chef’s Tour’ by Anthony Bourdain. I quite a fan of good ol’ Tony. I know that this book is a bit old but I was captivated from the very beginning to the last page. I would love to do what he did in the book. He traveled the world to find the “Perfect Meal”. Although he visited many countries he kept going back to Vietnam.
The way in which he described the country, the people, the markets and of course the food, made me want to jump on a plane and head out to the far east.













Of course its probably not one of the top places that you would think of going to but even though it may have its history and not always the safest, its still one place that I would love to explore around. I mean, I would love to have pho in its home country. Plus, it has some absolutely beautiful

Travel & Leisures Ulimate Food Guide to Vietnam


Everyday Beauty

I am obsessed with gardens.

There is something about being surrounded by natural beauty that is necessary to my everyday life. Whenever I’m feeling off or I just need to clear my head you can find me wandering about in the woods or in some garden. Not too far from my house is the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Although its a little pricey to get in, every once in a while it’s worth it. They have had an Andy Warhol exhibit at the art museum on the grounds. Flowers and Andy Warhol…you know I’m in.

In one portion of the exhibit, it spoke about finding beauty in the mundane. It’s the tension between the mundane and the beautiful. I want to be able to see the beauty in the everyday routines. Not only in nature and objects but in others. People can be crazy but inside each person there is something beautiful and worthwhile. I want to be more present in the moment and see those around me. I can get so caught up in my own business and nonsense that I know I miss quite a bit.

Anyways, here’s a few pics from my wanderings from the other day….
















“A picture means I know where I was every minute. That’s why I take pictures. It’s a visual diary.” ― Andy Warhol

#WanderlustWednesday: San Sebastian

I have had a fascination with Spain for years.

Year after year I would hear of how amazing the culture is and beautiful of a place it truly is. One of my Spanish teachers in high school would always talk of Spain and every other year she would take a group of students. Unfortunately my family moved before I was able to join one of those groups. A couple of weeks ago, I met a girl around my age in Chicago that lives in Spain. She has always had a love for the country and then a few years ago she moved to Spain and absolutely loves it. I know the feeling and I’m dying to experience it again…but thats a different story.

Maybe its the food (i would just about kill for some good paella) or the beautiful landscape or quite possibly that most Spanish men are beautiful (i mean, did you not watch the world cup at all this summer). So, I’ll start with San Sebastian for my first post for Spain.


San Sebastian is on the northern coast of Spain about 12 miles from the border with France. Its a small city with some of the best beaches in Europe. It is a town full of culture and history but the biggest reason that I want to go to San Sebastian is for the food.

It is said that there are more Michelin stars per square foot than any other place in the world. Two of the top ten restaurants in the world also happen to be in San Sebastian. This region has had a huge influence in the whole gastronomy scene within the past few years. Although I am a fan of fancy meals, I am always down for some tapas or pintxos, as they are called in this region. Most people go from bar to bar, enjoy a few pintxos and drinks at each location. I mean, put me by the ocean and give me some awesome food within a beautiful city…well, that pretty much spells perfection to me.










For more on San Sebastian, check out http://traveltips.usatoday.com/travel-san-sebastian-spain-27526.html.