#WanderlustWednesday: Chile

I apologize for missing the last couple of weeks. I finally got the chance to go back home to Vegas for a bit to see my family and friends. I was on vacation mode, therefore I was slacking.

I have not done a post on any country in South America just yet so I thought I would begin with Chile.

Chile is a narrow country between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean on the West. It borders Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The Easter Islands are also a part of Chile. Chile has extremes when it comes to its geography and landscape. In the Northern region you have one of the driest deserts in the world. In the center region you have more of a mediterranean climate. As you head South you come into more of an Oceanic climate with Alpine tundras and glaciers. There are 7 major climatic subtypes.

Chile is one of the most stable and prosperous nations in  South America. The nation is a multiethnic society which is rich in history and culture. Santiago is the capitol and largest city in Chile. It is a modern city with a strong historic core.

The main attraction in Chile are the places of natural beauty. The extreme zones bring in all types of adventure seekers in the desert to skiing in the Andes to exploring Easter Island to surfing in Pichilemu, which is known as the best surfing spot in South America.

Chile has a little bit of it all.














For a little more on Chile: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/a-drive-through-southern-chile?xid=emailsharebar  


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