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#WanderlustWednesday: Napa Valley

Being that I am quite a fan of wine…and food…the Napa Valley has been on my list for years. I literally driven from the top to the very bottom of California yet I have never been to Napa.

Of course, the Napa Valley is known for its wineries. It is one of the premier wine regions in the world. Wine production dates back to the 19th century.

With its mediterranean climate, its geography & geology, it has all that it needs to be an incredible environment for producing wine.

Yet there is much more to Napa than just sipping wine all day.

The Napa Valley houses some the the top chefs in the worlds restaurants. When I think of Napa, Thomas Keller comes to mind. Eating at the French Laundry is an absolute dream of mine. I have yet to have the privileged to eat at one of his restaurants but whilst i was living with a family in Australia, they hosted a 12 course meal that was based off of the recipes from the French Laundry. i thought i had died and went to heaven when we had the sea bass over spinach with the saffron vanilla sauce. It may sound a bit odd, but that sauce is life changing. Since that day, i have made it a goal of mine to dine there. Eating in the Napa Valley is am experience of its own.

Although food and wine are what draw most people in, there is much more to the area. If you are more of an outdoor enthusiast there are thousands of acres in which to hike and camp in. You could also go kayaking or white water rafting if you want something a little more adventurous. Driving and bike tours around the area are also quite popular to take in the sights. Of if you’re more of the spa and relax type of fan there are sever natural hot springs and thermal geysers to go soak in around some very luxurious resorts/spas.

I feel like the Napa Valley is one of the closest places that we have here in the States to the actual Mediterranean . Give me some good food & amazing wine in a beautiful location and happy I will be.



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Land Trust of Napa County







For some more ideas on what to do whilst visiting check out: http://www.designsponge.com/2014/04/napa-valley-guide.html


#WanderlustWednesday: Bali

It’s been stupid cold here in Nashville the last few days and all I want to do is run to someplace warm and if it has a beach, than even better. You see, I lived in the desert for the last 7 of 8 years. I don’t do cold. I must admit, I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather and I have already begun to whine about the cold (my apologies to anyone who has to put up with it).

Therefore, I would do just about anything to be in Bali right now.

Bali is one of the islands/provinces of Indonesia. Because of all its natural beauty it is regarded and the “Island of the gods”. You have anywhere from sandy beaches, to rugged mountains to rich farmland. You can actually hike around Rinjani which is an active volcano or you can go scuba diving in the coral reefs surrounding the island. And of course, one of the more popular activities, surfing. Bali is one of the top destinations in the world for surfing.

Bali is also renowned for it highly developed arts. There is a diverse art culture with both modern and traditional art/dance. Even their temples are like pieces of artwork. If the arts really aren’t your thing, Bali is also known for being a relaxing destination with multiple luxurious spas and places for meditation and/or yoga.

Its an absolutely beautiful place and with this cold weather right now, I would love to just be able to sit on the beach, smelling the fresh ocean breeze whilst taking in a bit of sun.

Pura Ulun Danu Temple on Lake Bratan, Bali, Indonesia












For more on Bali, check out: http://a.msn.com/03/en-us/BBekZVA

#WanderlustWednesday: Vienna

Vienna has been on my list to visit but it was not towards the top of the list until recently when I was reading an article that had Vienna as one of the top cities in the world for coffee. The process of filtering coffee is said to have been invented in Vienna in 1683. Even, UNESCO named Vienna’s coffee houses as an invaluable part of the heritage of the city.  As coffee is one of my favorite things in the world, I must go.

Vienna is the capital and the largest city in Austria. It is the 4th largest city in Europe following, London, Paris and Berlin.Vienna has also been named the number one city with the highest quality of living for the last four years in a row.

It has been the capital of several different empires throughout history. It has been, and continues to be a very influential city. It is rich in history, architecture, culture and the arts. You can find anything from classicist to modern architecture. Vienna holds hundreds of art museums and of course has a major part in musical legacy. Names such as Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler and Richard Strauss hail from Vienna or have ties to the city.

It looks like a spectacular place to wander about with a great cup of coffee in your hand…












For more on Vienna:  http://www.lonelyplanet.com/austria/vienna/travel-tips-and-articles/48-hours-in-vienna

#WanderlustWednesday: Barcelona

My heart is set on Spain as of late. Well, and just about all the other countries around the Mediterranean but for today, we’ll just focus on Barcelona.

Barcelona is the one the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula on the Mediterranean Sea.It has a Mediterranean climate with mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers. Barcelona is Spains second largest city. It is the 10th most visited city in the world and the 3rd most visited in Europe, following London and Paris.

Barcelona is an important cultural centre, rich with cultural heritage with a tradition in the creative arts, craftsmanship and architecture. The city is full of parks, museums and has some of the top beaches in the world. Barceloneta beach has been listed as one of the top ten beaches in the world by both National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Barcelona is also a major fashion capital and of course is known for its food and nightlife.

Barcelona is home to several World Heritage Sites. Park Guell, Palau Guell, Casa Viceno, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Palau de la musica Catalna and Hospital de Sant Pau. The church of Sagrada Familia has been under construction since 1882 and is set to be completed by 2026.

I would love to be able to just wander about Barcelona for days…











For more on Barcelona, check out http://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-guide/barcelona


I’m not so sure as to why, but I really want to go to Montana.
I know that it is not some exotic location to most people but there is something about the Big Sky state that I would love to just wander around.

Maybe its the open fields, maybe its the roaming bison or quite possibly it’s the fact that you can go on a llama trek…whatever it may be, there is something about this state that draws me towards it.

To find out more on Montana and what to do, check out nationalgeographic.com/local-montana.







#WanderlustWednesday: Portugal

I know that I’ve been slacking on my Wanderlust Wednesday’s but here we go again.

The other day at work we had some guests from Portugal. Those two guys were two of the most handsome men that I have ever seen. I mean, I’ve wanted to go to Portugal anyways but after meeting those two, it was a done deal. I must go to Portugal.

Portugal is in southern Europe next to Spain. Portugal is slightly smaller in size than the state of Indiana. It is said that Portugal is like a sample of European landscapes, history and  cultures. You have everything from medieval castles to beautiful beaches to mountain slopes to villages with cobblestone roads and cities that captivate your heart.

I have yet to go but Portugal has definitely moved up on my list to go!










LET’S GO!!!!

#WanderlustWednesday: Edinburgh

This week let’s venture over to the UK.

One place that I would love to wander about is Scotland. With its beautiful highlands and gorgeous men, I mean, why wouldn’t you want to get lost there (insert winking emoji). ANNNNDDD, let’s not forget, Scotland’s national animal…the ever majestic Unicorn! Yes, its true and yes, I love it! (It’s part of an ongoing joke with a few of my friends, dont ask me how it came about or why, but I slightly love unicorns now.)

But on to more serious things, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh is known for it’s history, architecture, arts, culture, food and geography.  It is said that the city is more of an experience than just a destination. From museums and galleries to unique boutiques and chic coffee shops, Edinburgh has a bit for everyone.

Edinburgh is host of many festivals that are world renown. It’s Edinburgh International Festival is one of the worlds largest art and dance festivals that draws thousands each year. The also host the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and International Book Fest.

The city is rich in literary tradition. From Sir Walter Scott to Robert Louis Stevenson to J.K. Rowling, all have had some sort of start or impact from Edinburgh. For my Harry Potter fans, J.K. Rowling began the first book in a coffee shop in Edinburgh. I read somewhere that it was cheaper for her to go to that coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee than to pay for the heat bill in her apartment whilst beginning to write her ever popular book series. You can still visit that same coffee shop, The Elephant House.

Of course, you cannot miss all of the history that fills the city being surrounded by the Edinburgh Castle, St Giles Cathedral and all of its beautiful architecture that has been around for hundreds of years. Also, get out of town and go do a tour of the highlands all around Scotland. Go breathe in the fresh Sottish air and take in all it’s natural sights. It’s on my list for sure.

My absolute favorite beer is based in Edinburgh, Innis & Gunn. The beer was originally used as a way to flavor the barrels used for a whiskey distiller. It was supposed to be thrown out after is flavored the barrel but the brewers discovered that the aging worked well with the beer thus, Innis & Gunn began. The Rum Finish is my favorite of the varieties. I made Sticky Toffee Pudding with it last year for Christmas and it was UHHH-MAAZZEEE-ING! Do yourself a favor and go try some. Of course, if you like whiskey you’ll have to check all the distillers in Scotland.

And, I mean, Edinburgh is also the birthplace of Sean Connery…so..now you have to go, haha. Seriously though, just go and explore and see what you find on your way.

”Edinburgh is an experience / A city of enormous gifts / Whose streets sing of history / Whose cobbles tell tales.”