If you know anything about me, you know I’m quite the fan if D.I.Y. projects. I’m on of those that will see something either in a store or online and I will find a way to make it my own.

Every time I walk into Anthropologie I get inspired to make something. So, with that, this is my first D.I.Y. post that is, of course, Anthro inspired.

I’m a sucker for quotes. I have a ton of them saved on my phone and on my laptop. So when I walked into Anthro a few weeks ago a saw a quote painted on a book I had to make one of my own.

The finished product

First you’ll need a book that you don’t mind getting paint on, some sticker letters and of course some paint.



Then, of course, stick on your quote of choice.


Now, go to town painting over the stickers.



Let the paint dry slightly, then remove the stickers.


And there it is.


It’s probably one of the easiest crafts to do but it adds some character and inspiration to any shelf.