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Things you learn from your roommates


one of my roommates is a comedian. she has recently began her journey to become a comedian, and she is actually funny. ive seen her do her sets a couple of times last nights show was in front of like 10 people, with 5 of them being her friends and 3 other comedians. but despite the lack of numbers, the show went on.

i think its interesting seeing how things begin. i wonder how many shows amy poehler did in front of a few people back in the day and how that has shaped who she is today i wonder how many jokes will ferrell did in front of a half empty room before he actually became known. i admire these people. despite the odds, despite the number of people in the audience, despite it all they go up on the stage and give it their all. their pursuing their passion and for most of them, their dreams.

after the show, i sat there and listened as some of there comedians were talking about what their working on. to hear about the shows that their doing or the sketches that theyre filming. it is not an easy thing to do yet, its what theyre passionate about and i cant help but admire them for working so hard and investing so much time and resources into what they love its inspiring

thats the thing i love about nashville. its a city with so many different communities and individuals. you mainly hear about the musicians that are trying to make it here but thats just the top of the surface the creative community in this city has the freedom to express itself and theres a sense of encouragement to get these people to pursue their dreams whether it be the songwriter in the next room, the comedian upstairs or the artist down the hall, theres a sense of celebration in finding creative expression in whichever means possible


southern food and the arts…what else could you want….